Dorte Wray
Executive Officer
Dorte works to strengthen our community through linking up like-minded people, coordinating projects across New Zealand, and organising our annual Hui where our members get a chance to meet and re-energise. She's the key to keeping everything moving, a real Guardian of the Galaxy.
Des Ng Shiu
Project Manager
Des runs the Auckland Inorganic Reuse project and focuses on helping as many community groups as possible (that's 100 and counting!) to create value from the collection materials.
Jess Kugler
Logistics Manager
Jess the lady behind the logistics is connecting community groups to the daily arriving treasure of Auckland streets. Ensuring everyone is safe and sound while picking their favorite items as well as working close with the admin team to create new marketing strategies to bring even more people into the world of Reusable materials

The Community Recycling Network is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by members at our Annual General Meeting. Our current Board consists of:

Marty Hoffart
Marty is Director of Tauranga-based waste minimisation consultancy Waste Watchers Ltd. He is co-founder and Chairman of Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust (EERST) with its award-winning Paper4trees programme.
Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability TrustWaste Watchers
Cliff Colquhoun
Cliff is a founding member and the CEO of the Community, Business and Environment Centre (CBEC) in Kaitaia.
Community, Business and Environment Centre
Sue Coutts
Sue runs Wastebusters' operations in both Wanaka and Alexandra.
Wanaka Wastebusters
Karen Driver
Karen is the Waste Minimisation Manager at the Nelson Environment Centre.
Nelson Environment Centre
Green Jon Morgan
Green Jon from the MPHS (McLaren Park Henderson South Community Trust), a community owned and driven organisation offering initiatives and programmes for the residents of the McLaren Park Henderson South community – for the community, by the community.
Rick Thorpe
Rick is working with the community at Xtreme Zero Waste in beautiful Raglan.
Xtreme Zero Waste
Matthew Luxon
Zero waste takes co-operation between three very different worlds: the public, private and community sectors. For Matthew Luxon, director of zero waste consultancy Envision New Zealand, working at the intersection of these three sectors is an environment and challenge he loves being part of. Matthew has a master’s degree in social work, and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
Sam Edgecombe
Sam found her dream job in 2015 working as the Shop Manager at Waiuku Zero Waste in the small but beautiful town of Waiuku, Auckland.
Jacqui Forbes
Jacqui has worked within the waste industry, in particular, the community recycling sector with Xtreme Zero Waste from 2004 -2016. This work involved management, waste auditing, community education and behaviour change, zero waste events and more. Jacqui is now General Manager for Para Kore, a waste education project that started as a pilot with three marae and today is an organisation delivering waste education to more than 380 marae and organisations throughout Aotearoa. Jacqui has relationships based on waste minimisation with over 70 iwi, community groups and council partners who contribute to Para Kore’s mission.