Code of Practice for Zero Waste Network Aotearoa NZ Members:

1. Application of Code of Practice

1.1 This Code of Practice applies to ZWN Members in relation to all their dealings relating to ZWN.
1.2 ZWN Members are reminded that their conduct in relation to ZWN will reflect on the reputation and standing of ZWN as a whole.
1.3 This Code of Practice is in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other obligation of, or requirement that may apply to, any ZWN Member under other laws or regulations.

2. Responsibilities of ZWN Members

2.1 All ZWN Members are required in all of their dealings relating to ZWN, and whether in their capacity as ZWN Members or otherwise:
(a) to observe the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and objectivity
b) to exercise care and diligence in the conduct of ZWN business
(c) to contribute skills, expertise and experience to the work of ZWN
(d) to refrain from conduct, including public statements and activities, which could damage ZWN’s good reputation and standing
(e) where they are also active in other professional bodies, not to promote the interests of those bodies to the detriment of ZWN
(f) where they are also active in other professional bodies, not to allow the interests of those bodies to influence their decisions on the ZWN
(g) to avoid conflicts of interest
(h) to ensure that they do not use their involvement in ZWN to promote private interests
(i) to ensure that they do not use ZWN resources (including confidential information gained in the course of their participation in ZWN) for personal gain or in other ways, such as for the advantage of the organisations for which they work or other bodies of which they are members, or in any way to the detriment of ZWN
(j) to comply at all times with all rules governing ZWN
(k) to act, in their dealings with ZWN staff and representatives, with integrity and in a professional manner

2.2 No member or group of members can speak on behalf of ZWN without the prior approval of the Board of Trustees

2.3 When bidding in another members area, members are required to indicate their intention to the other member.

3. Member Registration

3.1 ZWN will implement and maintain a current register of members that contains all information which is relevant to each member.
3.2 ZWN will ensure that sufficient resources are provided to register its members and keep the register current and accurate.

4. Member Registration Criteria

4.1 Applicants must meet criteria as stated on the application form, and provide relevant supporting documents. The ZWN Board of Trustees will check the application and may seek further information about the applicant for final verification and approval before registration.
4.2 ZWN will:
a) Provide an application form and information on assessment procedures to the member applicant.
b) Review the application against required criteria.
c) Approve application and continue; or decline application and notify.
d) Notify the applicant of membership status.

5. Breach of Code of Practice

5.1 ZWN Members should be aware that any conduct which breaches this Code of Practice may result in the membership being cancelled
5.2 If the Executive see sufficient reason to refuse or cancel membership, their decision is final, and they are not required to give reason.

6. Changes to the ZWN Code of Practice

6.1 This document may be added to or changed at any time; members will be informed of changes.