Here is an overview of the CRN/Resource Recovery focused part of the programme. Download the draft CRN programme here.

For the most part, we’ll be meeting in the afternoons for waste related sessions. There will also be a smaller, ops focused stream which will run in the mornings as well, more info on that below.

This years theme is ‘Zero Waste Reality’. We’ll try to answer a bunch of juicy questions:

  1. How do we make Zero Waste a reality?
  2. What are the strategies and projects that really work?
  3. And what should we make a priority in the next year, as a network?
  4. What are the realities of working towards zero waste?
  5. What do people do with hard to recycle materials?

To do this we’ll be hearing from some of our own, and some friends from afar.

Graham Lewis from Green Propeller in Canada will share some learnings about how social franchising has helped their organisation spread their model for recycling hard to recycle products to multiple sites around Canada.

The South Sydney crew. Representatives from the team working on the new South Sydney community recycling network will join us to discuss the project and the collaboration involved. Speakers will include Guido Verbist from The Bower and Matt Allen from CRN Australia.


Sessions include:

Disaster Waste: Lessons from Kaikoura

Impact Measurement Workshop

Product Stewardship & Lobbying

CRN’s Resource Recovery Training Programme

…and lots more


Operators stream:

For a smaller group of ops focussed people we’ll run some morning sessions that will include some site visits to some local resource recovery operations.

This ops group will rejoin the hui at lunch and be part of the CRN afternoons.

If you’re interested in being part of this stream, please get in touch with Dorte on as places will be limited to about 10 people.