Take Action to Tackle the Growing Mountains of E-Waste!

Many of the Zero Waste community will be all too aware of the mountains of e-waste piling up around the country. E-waste covers anything with a battery or a plug – so it will come as little surprise that New Zealand generates 98,000 tonnes a… More >

Burning up the West Coast with a proposed incinerator

Alarmingly, a proposed large waste incinerator in Westport is moving ahead.  This facility would burn 300,000 tonne per annum of waste including medical, industrial, building and municipal wastes including paint, tyres and treated timber that is trucked and shipped in from both the North and… More >

New Zero Waste Member tackles the fashion industry in style

Fashion designer Emma Churchill owner of Emroce, an ethical fashion company, is the newest member of the Zero Waste Network family. She aims to take on the textile industry’s wasteful ways with a revolutionary zero waste approach to pattern-making. “We create inspirational designs to encourage… More >

Bottles get bottled with CDS on the way..

2019 is shaping up to be the year that a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) becomes reality. You probably remember that in January we talked about the amazing Kiwi Bottle Drive petition and open letter to Parliament, calling for the introduction of a bottle deposit scheme.… More >

Taking a SWAT at e-Waste while building community

We’re super pleased to welcome the South Waikato Achievement Trust (SWAT) to the Zero Waste Network.  This charitable trust based in Tokoroa is working to create socially and environmentally just outcomes for the community. It operates two social enterprises that are in the recycling and… More >