Briefing sheet for the Auckland WMMP submission

Councils all around the country are required by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 to set out a plan for how they are going to deal with waste. Auckland Council is currently asking for feedback on its Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. Because of the… More >

Awards galore

A massive congratulations to our award-winning friends and Zero Waste Network members in the sector this month. It’s so good to see hard work and good people getting recognition. WasteMINZ won the Communicating Sustainability category at the Sustainable Business Network Awards for their Love Food Hate… More >

CDS explainer

CDS. We here at the Zero Waste Network throw around these three letters all the time, but its important to remember not everyone knows what we’re talking about (Container Deposit Systems) or why it’s a good idea (increased recovery), let alone how it would work.… More >

The case for CDS is getting stronger

Auckland Council has commissioned a cost-benefit analysis on the economic impacts of implementing a container deposit system in New Zealand. The report finds: That the benefits of a container deposit scheme are three to six times greater than the costs, with a national benefit between… More >

Spotlight on ocean pollution

Several important things are happening that will help highlight the problem of ocean plastics in Aotearoa and the Pacific. A research foundation set up by Captain Charles Moore after the discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – The Algalita Marine Research Foundation – are… More >