Pure Tour: Action on plastic pollution

In February this year, world experts on plastic pollution and marine debris will be touring the North Island as a part of the PURE Tour, engaging with communities, NGOs, scientists and government, to share what they have learned about the global problem of plastic pollution.

Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen are the founders of the 5 Gyres Institute, and alongside Algalita, Marine Research and Education they have been at the forefront of the scientific research on ocean plastic pollution. In 2017 Algalita tracked a South Pacific Plastic Patch some 2.6 million square kilometres in size (that’s over 9 times the land mass of Aotearoa New Zealand) – and importantly, identified a significant amount of waste from Aotearoa New Zealand origins.

As we edge closer to the tipping point globally we can no longer deny that all nations need to take significant steps towards addressing the issue of plastic pollution. It is time for Aotearoa New Zealand to have a conversation on the steps we are taking.

The PURE Tour will facilitate this conversation with the overall aim to a call upon our government to:

– Finally ban single use plastic bags in 2018
– Prioritize a national strategy for plastic waste reduction
– Invest in research on plastic contamination in Aotearoa

How can you be involved?
We are looking for contributors to our discussion during our day time workshop February 4th, 12-4.30pm @ Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Education Hub, 35 Madden St, Auckland, so please contact us to let us know if you are available too and would like to attend.

In the evening on the 4th, also being held at the Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Education Hub from 6.30-8pm there will be a wine & cheese event as the launch party of the tour, where Marcus Eriksen will speak and it will be an opportunity for people to network and discuss the solutions we are striving to see for Aotearoa.

We will also be holding events in Raglan, Napier and Wellington. Spaces are limited to ALL so please contact Raquelle De Vine at raquelle@algalita.org or Tina Ngata at tinangata@gmail.com to express your interest.

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