On track for bottle deposits Aotearoa!

There’s been a lot going on in the zero waste movement over the last couple of months, including China’s new regulations on waste, supermarkets banning plastic bags and increased talk in the media about plastic waste, particularly bottle deposits.

So it’s perfect that the Kiwi Bottle Drive have just launched their open letter to parliament, calling on the government to bring in a bottle deposit scheme. They kicked things off last week with a launch event at Auckland Libraries which was super fun and an opportunity to unite with other organisations across the zero waste and ocean conservation movement together to tackle plastic.

The letter, fondly known as “Dear Beehive, it’s time we talked about plastic”, is open for other organisations, businesses and community groups to join. We’ve had a wonderful response thus far from organisations as big as Auckland Zoo and Greenpeace, through to small community recycling centres and family businesses. Auckland’s Mayor, Phil Goff, is signing it himself too!

What all these groups and people have in common is that they want strong action on plastics, for the future generations, for our oceans and our communities. Are you part of a collective that wants to join us? Simply jump on to their website and you’ll be able to read the open letter and sign on to it. The Zero Waste Network have already signed up but we are hoping to get all community recycling and environment centres to sign on as well. Together our voices are stronger.

And check out the new video the Kiwi Bottle Drive team made with Auckland Zoo and their top vet and turtle specialist Lydia. It shows how plastic affects marine life and why we need bottle deposits more than ever. We’d love for you to watch it and then share it with your whānau and friends. What with World Environment Day and World Oceans Day coming up next week we think it’s a very appropriate time to be showing the ocean some love and telling everyone we want bottle deposit schemes for a more beautiful world.