The Zero Waste Network is the trading name of the Community Enterprise Network Trust (CENT).

The founders of CENT believed in the value of community networks, and that there was the potential for collaboration between networks to increase their effectiveness, their reach and to gain efficiencies. For the last 10 years our work has mostly focused on creating those benefits within the resource recovery space. Recent collaborations with the Community Energy Network and Environment Hubs Aotearoa, and the partnership with Akina on the Social Enterprise Sector Development project and the Impact Initiative have widened the conversation and our work out to community enterprise generally. As such, we’ve started using the name CENT publicly, and have started including sector partners in the work we’re doing under the CENT banner. For example, the CENT steering group for the Social Enterprise Sector Development Project is made up of:

We have recently launched a website using the domain which we are using for the Strengthening Communities Hui, but will likely also become a platform for other projects that we’re working on with the Community Energy Network and Environment Hubs Aotearoa like our buyers group.

Future conversations will take place about how we organise CENT in relation to our work in resource recovery, and with our partners. We’ll consult with ZWN members and our partners on what they think that should look like.

Get in touch with Dorte if you have any questions on 021 975 352 or