The container return scheme: is it under threat before it gets started?
A container return scheme (abbreviated ‘CRS’) means beverage containers – like bottles, cans and tetrapaks – carry a small, refundable deposit that people pay when they buy a drink and then get back when they return the empty drink container to be recycled or reused. It is sometimes called a “bottle deposit”. A CRS creates an incentive for drinks containers to be returned once they’re empty. Right now, about half of the 2.36 billion drinks bottles and cans New Zealanders use each year end up in landfill or the natural environment.

What’s happening with the CRS?
First of all, there is massive public support for a CRS. But we are really concerned because vested interest groups are seeking to derail CRS at the eleventh hour. There is some fierce opposition we need to overcome from a most unlikely quarter – a section of the industries that make, use and recycle glass. We know if a refund scheme is to work here in Aotearoa then collecting glass is a must.

What can you do?
We encourage individuals and organisations to speak to your local Member of Parliament to express your support for a comprehensive CRS. You can find clear details here: Container Return Scheme page from our website talks about what we want to see in a scheme.

Want more info on CRS?
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Container Return Scheme page from our website talks about what we want to see in a scheme
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