Finding new homes for reusable goods

The journey to making “Auckland the World’s Most Liveable City” means taking on some significant challenges. The aspirational goal of aiming for Zero Waste by 2040 is one of those. The changes to the Auckland Inorganic Collection provides an opportunity to divert items that in the past have been bound for landfill back into the Auckland Community.

Zero Waste Network are excited by this project because of its focus on seeing waste as a resource, and the opportunity it presents to the support the emerging Auckland Resource Recovery Network. The aims of the project are:

  • To divert reusable materials from landfill
  • To find new homes for reusable goods
  • To support the Auckland Resource Recovery Network:
    • By providing existing organisations and business with the opportunity to access free reusable goods for use in their own projects and activities.
    • Through the development of new projects and activities that make use of reusable goods.

Who can get involved?

The scope of this project is fairly broad. If you’re a community recycler, an op shop, a demolition yard or someone who uses reusable materials in your activities then there’s a good chance you’re the kind of group that we want to talk to. If you’re not usually involved in resource recovery but you’ve got a one-off project that could do with some free reusable materials (like a school building project, a community gardening project or fundraising jumble sale) then it’s worth getting in touch.

Priority is on supporting Auckland activities but there’s some scope for sending goods outside of Auckland, especially if we’ve got too much for Auckland groups to handle. Also, the focus is on supporting existing community and charity initiatives, and on Community Recycling Centres as they’re established, so individuals are less likely to be approved as outlets.

How does it work?

Auckland Council is now offering a city-wide, on-property, booked collection service which commences on the 28th September 2015. It means that we can make the most of waste by reusing or recycling items that still have value.

The focus is on increasing recovery, so here’s how it works:

  • Two pass system: The Inorganic collectors (Waste Management) will use two trucks during the collection process. Reusable and recyclable materials are picked up by the first truck and the rest (rubbish) is collected by the second truck.
  • The first truck will deliver the materials to Waste Management’s Glen Innes warehouse where all the reusable materials will be catalogued and prepared for redistribution.
  • The role of the Zero Waste Network team is then to find new homes for these reusable goods. Organisations that can make use of the goods in their existing or new activities will have the opportunity to visit the warehouse and take items. Zero Waste Network has a responsibility to ensure that the materials are handled and processed by organisations in a way that meets good and safe practice.
  • The Collectors will be trained by Zero Waste Network to identify and handle reusable goods
  • We will add new items to the recoverable list as new markets are developed.

How can you get involved?

  1. If you are interested in becoming an Approved Outlet please click here to take you through to the Expression of Interest Form. Complete the form and one of our people will be in contact with you. Also read the Terms & Conditions.
  2. The next step involves an approval process which will, by mutual agreement lead to the next stage.
  3. For those groups who meet the criteria to be an Approved Outlet, an Online Safety Link will be sent to you to complete. Once this is completed you will be invited to attend a site induction at the Waste Management site. This first induction is being planned for the September 17th with more information to follow.

Another way of accessing reusable items is through Community Recycling Centers. Auckland Council is developing a network of Community Recycling Centers across the city where people can drop off (and purchase) unwanted goods at any time of the year. Two have opened so far (in Waiuku and Helensville) and there is a plan for 10 more to be established over the next 10 years.

More information can be found on the Auckland Council website.

Booking your time to view and collect…

An indicative list of what has been collected will be made available to Approved Outlets daily.
Scheduling a time to view the goods and collect them is done through the Zero Waste Network website.

Please note:

  • Collections hours are 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday,
  • Only Approved Outlets can enter the Glen Innes site,
  • Viewing and collection appointments will be 45 minutes per booking,
  • Bookings are made on a first in, first served basis.

For more information please contact:

Des Ng Shiu either by email: or phone: 027 477 4440.