Auckland Inorganic Reuse Project Terms and Conditions

The Zero Waste Network Aotearoa, has been contracted by Auckland Council to redistribute reusable items from Auckland’s inorganic collection. Reusable inorganic material will be collected and stored at Waste Management’s warehouse at 153 Pilkington Road, Glen Innes.

To gain access to these materials you must first become an Approved Outlet.

  1. Approval Process
    • Complete the Expression of Interest form on the Zero Waste Network Website
    • Zero Waste Network will then contact your organisation and arrange a meeting to assess your suitability for the programme
    • Once your approval has been confirmed you will need to complete Waste Management’s Online Induction
    • You will then be invited to a site induction. Without completing this you will not be able to access the site
  1. Scheduling
    • A scheduling system will be administered and managed by Zero Waste Network for collection of reusable materials from the Glen Innes site. Zero Waste Network are committed to looking at ways to continually improve access for our community. During the early stages there may be some teething issues but we will aim to minimise these. In most cases your organisation will be booked in at an agreed time between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Each appointment will allow 45 minutes for the selection and loading of your vehicle. These times are likely to change over the initial stages as new groups come on board and as the demand for materials increase.
    • If you are unable to attend your normal scheduled time please ensure you inform the Zero Waste Network Reuse Project team.
    • Your swipe card is registered to your vehicle and is used to collect weight data. You will be responsible for the safe keeping of your access card. You must not pass it on to anyone who hasn’t completed the full induction process.
    • You must be compliant with the conditions of issue as outlined by Waste Management
    • *Please Note: Zero Waste Network reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as required to ensure better storage and logistical efficiency.
  1. Reusable Materials: Part I
    Ongoing participation in this programme is dependent on a number of key factors:

    • The first priority is the genuine reuse of material by finding it a new home, notwithstanding the fact that there will be a small percentage of materials that may only be fit for recycling. Where this happens it is important that you have the ability to capture this information as it will form part of our general reporting. It will also assist our quality assurance programme which will be looking at the type of material being collected for reuse.
    • Most of the materials should be made available for the Auckland community to access through your service or initiative. Where there is an ability to support outlets outside of Auckland, you must record and report the percentage sent outside Auckland to Zero Waste Network. While there is provision to redistribute materials outside of Auckland, we do need to demonstrate that the majority of the materials directly benefit Auckland services and initiatives.
    • The disposal of any residual material (material that can’t be reused or recycled) must be managed to best industry practice and in line with the resource recovery values; either to an approved waste transfer station or a licensed waste collector.
  1. Reusable Materials: Part II
    • It is our intention is to make reusable materials available to Auckland charities, community enterprises, businesses and other initiatives. We will do our best to ensure materials are in the best condition they can be, bearing in mind their origin.
    • All material available for redistribution is free, but you will need to arrange your own transportation
    • Please choose your items carefully. After they leave the site they will become your responsibility and we will not be able to accept any returned items
    • Any costs for disposal of materials will be yours
    • We are unable to run an electrical or functional testing facility, so do not accept any responsibility for the functionality or saleability of items. They are provided on an ‘as is, where is’ basis.
  1. Health & Safety
    • Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we are committed to playing our part to ensure that you are safe while you are at the warehouse.
    • You need to comply with the health and safety policy and procedure as outlined in the site induction. Compliance with this is mandatory and essential to maintaining your access and accreditation for this programme.
    • All visitors to the site must wear a high visibility vest, steel-toe safety boots (available on site) and follow the procedure for accessing the site and reporting to the Zero Waste Network Logistics Manager.
    • Any hazards or incidents are to be reported to the Zero Waste Network Representative onsite.
  1. Feedback & Concerns
    • Your participation in this programme is a critical part of the success of Auckland’s new inorganic service and for working towards zero waste by 2040. We are committed to working with you to making this experience positive for all concerned – which is why your feedback is important.
    • The first point of call for any feedback or concerns is through the Zero Waste Network Logistics Manager, Jessica Kuglar who will work to help find a resolution if there is an issue
    • Where a resolution cannot be reached the next escalation point is to the Project Manager Des Ng Shiu.


  1. Ongoing Approval
    • Part of the ongoing approval process is your commitment to the safe handling of reusable materials and where necessary the safe recycling based on good industry practice. From time to time Zero Waste Network are required to make checks on participants as part of its assurance programme with Auckland Council – serious breaches of trust and confidence may lead to the revoking of the outlet accreditation.
  1. Acknowledgement and Agreement
    • The Zero Waste Network reserves the right to amend and change these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion