Our Zero Waste World Digital Summit

“The Zero Waste Network Aotearoa is extremely pleased to announce that we will host a free, international online zero waste conference from 4-8 November this year. The conference is called Our Zero Waste World Digital Summit. It will highlight zero waste success stories, as well… More >

The Waste Levy: Don’t fund the problem – fund real solutions!

New Zealand has a waste and recycling crisis. There are stockpiles of plastics around the country, recycling markets have disappeared and heaps of stuff is still going to landfill due to poor collection processes and contamination. Despite 12 years of the Waste Minimisation Act, the… More >

Minister’s Post-Budget Update

 Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage, who holds the waste portfolio, gave a post-budget briefing to WasteMINZ members on Monday, 18 May 2020. Here is a summary of the Minister’s comments. Waste Levy: getting the waste levy in place is a priority for the Minister.… More >

Fair Employment in the Sector

There is a big focus on job creation in the wake of Covid-19, and we want to be part of a solution that creates meaningful, dignified work for people in the zero waste sector. In last week’s newsletter, we discussed the results of the salary survey.… More >