Our Zero Waste World Summit pitch deadline looms

“The closing date for the international digital conference Our Zero Waste World Summit is Friday, 28 August. We are calling on community groups, zero waste practitioners, designers, organisers, educators and thinkers to submit a proposal for the conference,” said Dorte Wray, Executive Officer of the Zero Waste Network Aotearoa.

“At this stage, pitches need only be short proposals – not fully fleshed out conference presentations.”

“We have had a great response to our request for pitches including a number of international speakers. We want to really pack the schedule with the full zero waste arena. We’ve got three conference themes: Zero waste people and culture; Practical zero waste, and; Design for zero waste. The aim with these themes is to provide a guide to the content and a structure for how they will be delivered over the five days of this free digital event. “

“There are many aspects to the concept of zero waste including as an aspirational social, political and economic goal, as a design philosophy, and as a set of practices. The journey towards a zero waste world requires system-wide shifts, so diverse perspectives, experiences and knowledge are invaluable in seeking to understand the challenges and the opportunities this creates.“

“We think that this Summit is a great opportunity to get involved in creating the zero waste future we so desperately need in Aotearoa and around the world. We will be talking about the keys ideas informing zero waste including mandatory product stewardship, as well as addressing challenges to zero waste such as incineration.”

The conference will happen from 4-8 November. Pitches can be made to the Our Zero Waste World Summit website: https://www.summit.zerowaste.co.nz/pitch