Organics Models in Aotearoa NZ

Zero Waste Network and Manaaki Whenua teamed up to research organics processing systems in New Zealand, including conducting a national survey of operators. The final report – Scaling-up, scaling-out & branching-out: Understanding & procuring diverse organic materials management models in Aotearoa New Zealand  summarises the findings.
The report adds to current understanding of the scale, scope and nature of organics collectors and processors across Aotearoa, with a focus on composters. It is primarily designed to support those at central and local government charged with making investment and procurement decisions in relation to the infrastructure and services for collecting and processing organic materials.
The national survey of operators showed a lot of diversity in the sector so, to help decision-makers navigate the options for organics materials services, the report develops a shared language to talk about different operating models, presenting this in a simple taxonomy that distinguishes operators based on factors most relevant to procurability and scaleability. This taxonomy is then used to explore the various challenges, impacts and outcomes for each type of operator.
The research was funded by Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenge, and the Zero Waste Network.

Download the full report here

To see the research questions asked through the national survey of operators, download the survey questionnaire here