Members are the backbone of who we are, comprising a national network from Ōtepoti to Kaitāia of community enterprises, businesses, local authorities and individual supporters. Together we work locally and at scale towards a shared vision of a zero waste Aotearoa.

Network membership is annual and is open to community enterprises, businesses, local authorities and individuals. A breakdown of our different membership types is covered below. Because we want our membership to be as accessible as possible, pricing is tiered, based on estimated annual turnover. 

Membership Criteria

The ZWN Board is guided by the ZWN Values to make decisions on what kind of groups can become members of the network, and these values will also be useful for groups deciding whether or not to apply for membership.

  • Partnership: We challenge ourselves to embed Te Tiriti o Waitangi in our work
  • Practice: We create and implement effective real and local world solutions to achieve zero waste
  • Perseverance: We commit ourselves to building an abundant, regenerative, peaceful, just and fair world for the generations to come
  • People: We work collaboratively together sharing ideas, resources and opportunities to empower our communities

Please note that membership is subject to the approval by the ZWN Board. Prospective members will be informed if approval is not given, and we will be in touch with details about payment if approval is given.



Full Membership

An active participant in the zero waste community and involved zero waste projects.

Full member organisations must be incorporated as one of the following:

    • Company Limited by guarantee
    • Incorporated Society
    • Trust
    • Constituted (with a not for profit/charitable status clause)

We have 2 versions of Full Membership:

Full: From $242/year

Full membership pricing is tiered, based on estimated annual turnover.

Turnover < $100,000 < $500,000 $500,000+
Full membership




Full membership application form


Full Fledgling: $60/year

Organisations can apply for fledgling membership status if they fall under the Full Member description but are either just starting out or have between 0-5 FTE employees.

Membership fees for Fledgling groups is $60 per annum for the first year of membership, and will be reviewed after this period.


Full Fledgling membership application form



Associate Membership

Associate members are for-profit businesses, companies, organisations or local governments who provide tangible benefits to full Zero Waste Network members.

We have 3 versions of Associate Membership:

Mirco Associate: $121/year

Associate: $605/year

+5 FTE employees

Micro Associate membership application form

Local Government: $605/year

Council & Government departments


Individual Membership: $121/year

Become part of our Zero Waste Network supporters team.

Your supporter fee will be a valuable contribution to aiding the work of the network and helping us grow our collective voice.

Individual membership application form


Still want to know more? Send an email to

Note on our invoicing process: For your initial application the annual membership fee will charged from the quarter in which your application is approved on a pro rata basis i.e. if approved in 2nd quarter of the membership year then the charge will be 75% of the applicable annual membership fee (50% if approve in 3rd quarter and 25% if approved in final quarter).