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Government fails on plastic pollution

As Plastic Free July approaches, the Ministry for the Environment is indicating that the long-awaited third phase of plastics phase-outs has been put on hold. Even if the government decides to go ahead with them again, the start date has been postponed by at least another year,… More >

Waste Law change robs Peter to pay Paul

Budget 2024 cut $52 million out of core funding for Waste Minimisation work currently underway at the Ministry for the Environment and diverted $178 million in targeted waste levy funds to non-waste and core operational activities. This required an amendment to the Waste Act and… More >

Incinerator proposal a climate time-bomb

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially advised Environment Minister Penny Simmonds to ‘call in’ the resource consent application for a large incinerator plant that has been proposed for Te Awamutu. Calling in the proposal would enable climate change impacts to be properly considered when… More >

Celebrate International Zero Waste Day – Saturday 30 March

The second annual International Day of Zero Waste is happening on Saturday 30 March 2024.  Zero Waste Network Aotearoa is inviting everyone across the country to be part of the One Day Waste-Free Challenge to celebrate the day. “The One Day Waste-Free Challenge is an… More >

Plastics “recycling” plan will increase plastic pollution

“It’s extremely disappointing to see the government and several large companies choosing to throw money at an experimental, risky and carbon-intensive technology that will only increase plastic, climate and chemical pollution, rather than reduce it” says Sue Coutts of the Zero Waste Network. Technology company Licella, along… More >