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Regeneration Not Incineration for a zero waste Aotearoa

SIGN THE PETITION HERE Download a PAPER version to collect signatures here To the Associate Minister for The Environment and Local Government New Zealand We request that you call in and decline all applications to build waste-to-energy incinerators in Aotearoa New Zealand declare the rejection… More >

John Tamihere – a vote to burn up and pollute Auckland

“John Tamihere’s support for incinerating Auckland’s rubbish is a recipe for polluting the city, causing major health problems, job loss, resource loss and increased climate emissions. His ‘burn rubbish’ approach is out-of-date and dangerous,” said Zero Waste Network spokesperson Marty Hoffart. “Tamihere’s policy would destroy… More >

Public Consultation on Priority Products

The Waste Minimisation Act 2008 includes a number of tools to encourage waste minimisation. One of these is the declaration of a ‘priority product’ – which requires a product stewardship scheme to be developed for a particular ‘product’ or type of waste. The Government is… More >

Zero Waste Projects funded to develop circular economy

“The Zero Waste Network is thrilled to announce it has received funding to roll out its Zero Waste Training project out nationally. The training aims to build capacity and knowledge of how to run community resource recovery enterprises. This is what is needed in order… More >

Government moves closer to Mandatory Product Stewardship

“The Zero Waste Network is pleased with the government’s work plan announced today to advance mandatory product stewardship of tyres, lithium batteries, agrichemicals, e-waste, refrigerants and packaging. While similar consultation processes have been done several times over, we have confidence that this government is prepared… More >